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Filling out your contents claim is one of the most confusing and stressful parts of the insurance process after the wildfires. Set up a meeting and our Contents Inventory Specialists will review your insurance information, sit down with you one on one, and personally assist you in documenting your contents inventory and maximize the value of your rightful recovery from your insurance company. Contact our team to have a free evaluation of your contents claim. We’ll provide hands-on help with your claim and help you through this process.

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Watch our Town Hall video to learn more about your rights.

Our team of local professionals and experienced attorneys represents hundreds of wildfire survivors in Northern California. To learn more about your rights and PG&E’s role in the Northern California wildfires, watch this abbreviated video of our town hall meetings. Then, follow the links below to attend a town hall or schedule a meeting with our team. 

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Please RSVP for an upcoming workshop to learn more about our team and your legal options to hold PG&E accountable. These are open to the public and there is no cost to attend and learn about our team and your legal rights. If you are unable to attend one of these meetings, please contact us to setup an individual consultation.

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Our team is available to meet with you individually to discuss the case against PG&E and walk you through the signup process.

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Below is the contract that you will need to fill out if you would like to hire our firm to represent you against PG&E. To sign the form online, follow the link at the bottom of the contract or schedule a meeting with a member of our team.


The undersigned, called “Client” (Client’s printed name: ____________________________________________), hereby employs The Law Offices of John Cox, of Oakland, California, Watts Guerra LLP, and Mauro Archer & Associates, and, called “the Firms,” as my attorneys to represent me in all claims, suits, or other matters arising out of and resulting from damages suffered by me from the October, 2017 Wildfires occurring in Northern California.

1. THE FIRMS’ AUTHORITY. Client fully authorizes and directs “the Firms” to manage and handle my claims as they deem proper and to investigate and prosecute them, with or without filing a lawsuit, in any manner they deem advisable. Client authorizes the Firms to deliver in my name any and all notices, receipts, authorizations, releases, pleadings and any other documents proper in and to the handling of my claims. Client authorizes the Firms to use their professional judgment and any relevant documents, records, or other information that the Firms deem necessary to the proper representation of Client. If, at any time, the Firms determine, for any permissible reason, that the prosecution of Client’s claims should be discontinued, the Firms may withdraw from my representation. Client(s) understand and agree that the Firms may transmit Client(s)’ protected health information electronically in the course of representing Client(s).

2. CLIENT’S COOPERATION. Client agrees to cooperate fully with the Firms, disclose all relevant facts and promptly advise the Firms of any change in address or telephone number, and to promptly comply with all reasonable requests of the Firms on all matters related to this contract. Client understands that failure to fully cooperate may be a basis for termination of this contract. Client agrees not to attempt on his/her part to unilaterally settle the claims made the subject of this contract. The Client will rely exclusively upon the representation of the Firms during any settlement negotiations. No settlement will be made without the Client’s consent.

3. CONTINGENT FEE ARRANGEMENT. The Firms will assume joint responsibility for Client’s representation. In consideration of such legal services, Client hereby assigns and grants to the Firms the following percentage of any monies, interest, or property recovered, depending on when a recovery is made: THIRTY-THREE AND 1/3 PERCENT (33 1/3%). Client consents to the Firms’ sharing these attorneys’ fees as follows: 10% to The Law Offices of John Cox, 60% to Watts Guerra LLP and 30% to Mauro Archer & Associates. Attorneys’ fees will be determined before repayment of expenses; that is, attorneys’ fees will be calculated based on the gross recovery, before expenses are deducted. In the event there is no recovery, Client owes the Firms nothing.

4. EXPENSES PAID BY THE FIRMS. The Firms agree to advance any and all reasonable expenses associated with the prosecution of client’s claim. Expenses advanced by the Firms will be repaid to them from any recoveries made. In the event no recovery is made, no repayment of expenses advanced will be required. Advanced expenses that shall be reimbursed include office expenses attributable to the representation, other than general overhead expenses. Such reimbursable office expenses shall include, but are not limited to, internal document copying and scanning, document copying and scanning performed by others, photograph, video and document imaging expenses and reproduction thereof, mileage at the rate allowed by the Internal Revenue Service, travel, and all airfare, mileage, legal research and investigation charges, long distance telephone charges, fax and electronic mail expense and postage. The reimbursable expenses will also include any and all expenses or costs paid to or for persons, entities or businesses outside the firm which are related to the representation, including but not limited to, experts and their staffs; jury consultants; specialized legal counsel for bankruptcy proceedings initiated by defendants; lien resolution services, and subrogation resolution services; interpreters; investigators; court reporters; videographers; and document imaging companies and personnel. Regardless of outcome, Client will be responsible for all medical bills and liens incurred as a result of medical treatment received, and for the satisfaction of all insurance subrogation liens. Client understands the Firms may be representing multiple clients and agrees that in representing multiple clients many of the expenses incurred are common case expenses, which are costs and expenses incurred for the benefit of multiple clients, including expert witness fees, depositions of defendants, experts, and non-party witnesses, settlement conferences, trial expenses, filing fees, copy costs, and other expenses that are incurred for purposes of influencing the outcome of multiple clients’ claims. Client agrees the expenses that I am required to reimburse, if there is a recovery, include not only specific expenses for my own claim, but also my proportionate share of common case expenses involving questions of general liability for, and propagation of, the fire.

5. MULTIPLE CLIENTS. Client understands and agrees that the Firms may be representing more than one client in this matter and that the following aspects of joint representation have been disclosed: (1) that the Client might gain or lose some advantages if represented by separate counsel; (2) that the Firms cannot serve as an advocate for one client against another client, but must assist all clients in pursuing their common purposes; (3) that the Firms must deal impartially with every client; (4) that information received by the Firms from or on behalf of any jointly represented client concerning the matter may not be confidential or privileged as between the jointly-represented clients and may be disclosed to other jointly-represented clients as is deemed proper or necessary; (5) if a conflict arises between clients that results in the discharge or withdrawal of the Firms, the Firms might not be able to continue representing any of the clients involved; and (6) that the representation of all clients by the Firms will not necessarily expedite handling of the matter or reduce associated attorneys’ fees and expenses. Client consents to the Firms representing more than one client in this matter.

6. CALIFORNIA LAW AND VENUE. This agreement shall be governed by and interpreted under California substantive law, and exclusive venue and jurisdiction of any lawsuit or claim arising out of or relating to this agreement shall lie in California State District Court in Sonoma County, California. If any provision of this agreement shall be held to be invalid, illegal, unenforceable or in conflict with the law of any jurisdiction, the validity, legality and enforceability of the remaining provisions shall not in any way be affected or impaired thereby.

7. NO SOLICITATION OF CLIENT. By signing and entering into this agreement, Client hereby affirms that Client’s case was not solicited by the Firms, the agreement is not being entered into as a result of promises of money, no promises of a successful recovery have been made to Client, and Client has freely and voluntarily entered into this agreement.