Resources for Wildfire Survivors

These workbooks and helpful resources are meant to help as you continue to recover from devastating fires and navigate the insurance and legal process.

Lawsuit Workbook

If you’ve already hired our form or are planning to hire our firm, please use the PG&E Lawsuit Workbook to guide you through the process of preparing an inventory of items and property that you or your family lost during the fire. We have also included links to a personal property inventory form that you may use to record personal property that was lost in the fire.

Download the PG&E Lawsuit Workbook

Personal Property Inventory Form (PDF)

Personal Property Inventory Form (Excel)

Insurance Workbook

This workbook is a helpful resource designed for disaster survivors. We hope it assists you in this difficult time. Mauro Archer & Associates and our local team are committed to a full recovery for all those who suffered on account of the wildfires. The personal property claim guide is meant to assist you as you work with your insurance agent.

Personal Property Claim Guide

If you have questions about these resources or your legal rights, please fill out the form below to get in touch with our team.

About Our Team

Local Professionals and Experienced Attorneys: Our effort is built around a team of local professionals who live and work in this community and are deeply committed to seeing it recover. To provide our clients with the best possible legal representation, we’ve also partnered with an experienced team of attorneys with a long record of taking on major cases against powerful interests – and successfully holding them accountable. These kinds of cases are not only about providing compensation for the victims – as important as that goal is – they are also about changing corporate cultures and behavior. Because in many instances, the only tool at our disposal – the only tool that can effect positive and long-lasting change – is the willingness of individuals to stand up to corporate power.

Cases Filed in Sonoma County: Unlike some law firms, we are filing all of our cases right here in Sonoma County. Pre-trial decisions are critical and often affect the outcome of the case. We believe that these cases should be heard here, before Sonoma County juries, and because the fires occurred here.

No Fees Unless We Win: You will never be charged upfront fees. If you hire our team, you won’t owe us anything unless we’re successful in this litigation.